Shadow of War guide: Our 6 most helpful tips

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is an intimidating game, particularly in its first few hours. Its humongous world is matched by the depth of its various menus, unlocks, skill trees. To help new players who may feel overwhelmed, we’ve collected a few tips from our time reviewing the game.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Gameplay has been available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC for a few days now, and if you’re anything like us, you’ll have carved your way through a healthy chunk of Sauron’s army. However, you’ve probably also run into the tricky Fortress Assaults, seen the intricacies of the game’s Nemesis system, and also scrutinised the abilities screen for far too long. They can all be overwhelming in the later stages, which is why we’ve put together some very useful advanced tips to make things a little bit easier.


In the video above, we cover how you can get higher level followers, which requires some hard work but is definitely worth the effort. We’ll show you how you can use gems to maximise your rewards and build a powerful army of high-level orcs. Then, we dive into how you can cause maximum mayhem with them. Worms are another major part of the game, and we’ll show you how to use their loose lips to sink some very large orc ships (read: fortresses).

After that, we’ve got all the hot info on using combat dominate to quickly tear through the enemy forces, the most efficient way to use Mirian–the main in-game currency, how to get the most out of the Nemesis system, the best way to approach online fortress assaults, and all the best skills to get to make you an all-around killing/resource gathering machine. It’s a comprehensive video guide.

If you haven’t already seen it, we have a Shadow of War guide on how to rule Mordor’s early game. That will strengthen your fundamentals and help you get comfortable with the game, so check it out.

In GameSpot’s Shadow of War review, Justin Haywald awarded it a 7/10, saying that “it tries to be larger than its predecessor … yet it leaves you wanting less.” He continued: “But at its core, it’s a fun experience with brilliant moments that provide fascinating insight into some of the untold stories of Middle-earth.”

For a broader look at the game’s reception, take a look at our Shadow of War review roundup.

If you want to get caught up on the story before playing the game, there’s a Shadow Of War story recap narrated by Bruz, the charming Olog that took center stage during the game’s E3 presentation. Or you can read our Shadow of War story so far article for a quick overview.


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