About the game Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels features hilariously gruesome racing action. Survive wild courses without losing your limbs. You can play as an old man in a wheelchair, Segway rider, or bicycling father. Unlock new people and vehicles for even crazier stunts and mayhem! Controls How to move around your characters? – Use your arrows to drive of a cliff. – Spacebar to shoot your gun or jump like the floor is lava. – Hit Ctrl or Shift to perform other actions like trowing balls or grab a Jerkface. Total Jerkface Happy Wheels (demo) is developed by Total Jerkface. With that many grisly faces in the game, the name “Total Jerkface” was a perfect match. If you’re curious about the full version of Happy Wheels, go check out their page in the app stores! Happy Wheels online is one of the all-time popular games on Poki alongside games like Slither io, Run 3 and Color Switch. Source: poki.com

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